While there have been numerous projects that have shown the feasibility of converting a petrol into an electric vehicle, many of them have remained rather insular (one-of) and not well documented. Those that are documented often use technology that is either inadequate for daily use (such as DC engines and lead-acid batteries) or specialized components that might be hard or expensive to obtain. Finally there is the practical issue that almost any if not all conversions are facing: the car is rendered unusable for weeks or months at a time. Building on a system that has been successfully tested for more than 5 years in half a dozen cars we addressed all these issues and came up with a state of the art design using an AC engine and Lithium Ion batteries that is ...

  • scalable - to even fit the power demands of a bus or truck
  • affordable - by relying on standard industrial components
  • and "addable".

By addable I mean that the electric drive train was added to the existing, petrol one in less than 36 hours. While I admit that there was a lot of prep work involved and a lot of fine-tuning had to be done afterwards the result is nevertheless a fully functional, road-legal plug-in hybrid.
I have been very careful in making these plans but - of course - cannot guarantee that they are without any errors (please let me know if you find one). They are free for anyone to use but if you feel like supporting our next stage of the project you can donate with the link provided below.

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Tobias Voglhuber
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